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Why exercise is needed so much more along with dieting? Because it lifts your morale and enhances your metabolism rate and bring great change in your body. There was a time when weight loss was completely unheard because people had the habit of waking up early and involved in physical labor. People who work on fields digging, sowing, harvesting, hardly look fat because of physical work they go through. When you indulge in hard physical labor work, then you can eat almost anything in whatever quantities you like. But such physical labor is not possible for people doing work in executive levels.
Lifestyle has change a lot and you can blame your lifestyle for your weight gain, every one of us needs the comforts and facilities that have been decreased our physical work big time. With the increased comforts and amenities our physical well being has really changed and overweight is a common problem in every country. Most of us work in big and exclusive offices where we have sitting jobs that demand no exercise at all then how to get rid of belly fat. Everything is easy to get and now we need to take out time to do exercise to get fit and avoid health related problems.
When you are a kid you need to eat everything as it is important for your growth, but once you cross your teens, weight problem start to bother you and it will accumulate in all the wrong places. Getting fit doesn’t mean that you need to achieve hour glass figure curvy figure, you just need to be fit enough to avoid heart diseases, and other illness related obesity.  The main concern today is obese kids because they do not play outside much and fast food making them really obese. You should follow the right lifestyle to remain healthy to ensure disease free life.

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